Your bathroom is a retreat-a place you come to after working all day and being away from home. Make sure your space has the features necessary for relaxation. Whether you’re building a new home or looking to polish your current bathroom, unique tile choices will give you the ability to create your space the way you desire.

Bathroom Vanity Top

Bring your design to life with a vanity top built with decorative tile. From Talavera tile to natural stone tile, our selection of vanity materials will add character to your bathroom.

Shower Walls

Whether it’s a regular bath or walk-in shower, having a unique shower wall can make or break your bathroom space. Enhance the look of your bathroom shower wall with a fully-customized tile design.

Floor Tiles

The style of your flooring can shape the entire feel of your bathroom. Highlight your space with a unique product like the hand-painted Saltillo floor, available in a number of different patterns and colors.


Within interior design, the style of your bathroom can be an oasis or an extension of the rest of our living space. Our experienced tile experts have over 45 years of experience and will help you choose the perfect tile for your bathroom. From custom fabrication to complete installation, we take every step to make sure your project is complete to the highest standards.

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